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If you have been injured or involved in an accident in Philadelphia, any of the surrounding counties or the State of New Jersey, call me, John J. Branigan, Esquire, now for a FREE consultation.

I have specialized in Civil Trial Litigation since 1977. In 1994, I was in the first group of attorneys in Pennsylvania to be granted a LL.M Degree as a Master of Laws in Trial Advocacy. Since 2003 I have been listed many times in the statewide group of Super Lawyers of Pennsylvania, which chooses the top 5% of lawyers in the state. Simply put, since 1977 I have tried hundreds of cases and have settled many more because every case is prepared for trial. Of them all, one case stands out as a defining moment. In the early 1990s I showed my friend and client, Tom G., his check in the amount of $2 million. I was happy for him even though he suffered a mild traumatic brain injury in an assault at a popular restaurant. When he looked at the check he seemed melancholy and I asked him if something was wrong. He looked up and said, "I would rather have my life back." I never forgot that and I remember that lesson with every client I represent. No one is looking to get hurt in an accident.

I was born and raised in Philadelphia and I never forgot where I came from. Before I became a lawyer I worked in construction and a number of factory jobs. I have lived the life of many of the people that I now represent. I saw how companies took advantage of the worker. I saw how insurance companies stopped paying injured workers and left them to fend for themselves. I promised to fight to change that if I ever got the chance. I now have that opportunity and I have been advocating against big companies and insurance companies since 1977. No one person can change the system, but I have changed for better the lives of many by trying cases against insurance companies and corporations who ignore safety rules at the peril of ordinary people.

Personally I am married with two children. I continue to play baseball and basketball and I still box two to three times per week. I find that boxing in the ring is very similar to advocating for a client in the courtroom. I come in with confidence, skills, and a better case; juries respond well to that.

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